Citadel Security Solutions, LLC is a veteran-owned and operated Private Detective and Private Security Agency in Gainesville, Georgia.

The current climate of increased crime against people and property makes it essential to have a dedicated “Private Security Minder,” providing clients with investigative and security services of the highest quality. The PSM is a private security consultant, private investigator, private personal security specialist, and private security training instructor all in one. Clients receive superior service by choosing Citadel Security Solutions, LLC as their dedicated on-call and go-to security solutions provider.

The Private Security Minder (PSM) works closely with clients that are serious about improving their security posture and training. The PSM focuses on providing the best security solutions and training programs for clients that seek quality services with exceptional results. Businesses and individuals make the right choice by choosing Citadel Security Solutions, LLC, for their investigative and security needs; anything else would be unintelligent. All requests for services follow an in-depth client screening process.

Quality is never an accident. It is always the result of intelligent effort.” – John Ruskin