About Me

Things you should know about me:

  • I am a Private Professional Minder. I created a Special Business where I provide services for Private Individuals and Private Businesses to protect what is most important to them. I work closely with Private Individuals and Private Businesses to achieve exceptional results with my Specialized Private Professional Minder Services.
  •  My Private Professional Minder Services consist of a Private Detective, Private Security, Private Consulting, Mentoring and Training Services. I provide Specialized Services for Private Individuals and Private Businesses. Not public security like local police or government agencies provide. Not like other typical private investigation and security companies, I personally work directly for paying clients that have Special Security and Investigation needs that are beyond what the local police agencies, government, security, and investigation agencies offer or provide.
  • My clients choose me because of my ease of doing business. I keep it simple. I work hard for people and businesses that appreciate my professionalism, great attitude, field expertise, high quality, and excellent customer care.
  • I am a people person in the sense that I love helping honest, hard-working people and businesses. My business allows me to fulfill my dreams and passion for the protection of people, businesses and their livelihood.
  • My clients are special to me as I am special to them. They are people and businesses that know me by my first name and I know them by the first name as well. We have special trust and confidence in our business relationships that are built on clear communication, honesty, integrity, and commitment to doing the right thing.
  • I do not work for everyone nor do I need to work for everyone. I am selective about my clients and the services that I provide. I screen all of my clients and only provide services to the ones that meet all of my ideal client criteria. The long and short of it is that “I detest slackers, cheaters, thieves, and liers”. “All dealings must be legal and ethical”. There must be total honesty and respect in our relationship from the very beginning. I will not accept or tolerate any hidden agendas or ill-will/ bad intentions towards another human being or a business entity. I work for and I am committed to my God and accountable for all that I do in my life. I give the very best of my time, efforts, knowledge, abilities, and resources to the people and businesses I am committed to serve and protect.
  • I am very selective about who works with me or for me. Therefore, I vet and train my own private security team members and private investigations team members when my clients require greater coverage and services. I work directly with my clients and then introduce my team members to the specific clients that we service. I build each relationship and contract from the ground up. I hold myself responsible for our success as I do hold my team members responsible for our success. I invest in my team: I hire only top quality people and pay them top dollar in order to ensure quality services for my clients and the retention of motivated, and talented personnel.
  • The rates I charge for my services are determined and set according to the work being performed, resources being utilized and time/terms agreed to accomplish the mission. I’m not the cheapest, nor the most expensive solutions provider. My services are affordable and sensible to paying clients. Always remember: “The Bitterness of Poor Quality Remains Long after the Sweetness of Low Price is Forgotten.” – Benjamin Franklin

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