O.C.G.A. 43-38-3. Definitions

  “Private Detective Business” means the business of obtaining or furnishing, or accepting employment to obtain or to furnish, information with reference to:
(A)  Crimes or wrongs done or threatened against the United States of America or any state or territory thereof;
(B)  The background, identity, habits, conduct, business, employment, occupation, assets, honesty, integrity, credibility, knowledge, trustworthiness, efficiency, loyalty, activity, movement, whereabouts, affiliations, associations, transactions, acts, reputation, or character of any person;
(C)  The location, disposition, or recovery of lost or stolen property;
(D)  The cause or responsibility for fires, libels, losses, accidents, damage, or injury to persons or property;
(E)  The securing of evidence in the course of the private detective business to be used before any court, board, officer, or investigating committee; or
(F)  The protection of individuals from serious bodily harm or death.


  “Private Security Business” means engaging in the business of, or accepting employment to provide, any or all of the following:

(A)  Private patrol service;

(B)  Watchman service;

(C)  Guard service;

(D)  Armored car service; or

(E)  The protection of persons from death or serious bodily harm.
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