Specialized private security, consulting and investigation services for individuals and businesses that seek to improve their security posture and secure success.

The Private Professional Minder (PPM)

Private: Confidential, Secret, Intimate, NonPublic
Professional: Engaged in a specified activity as one’s main paid occupation rather than as a pastime.
Minder: Someone who looks after someone or something.

The PPM serves as a Security Force Multiplier to improve your security posture to the level that you desire.

Minding your business: The Private Professional Minder/ PPM focuses on protecting private clients from crimes against people and property.

Get rid of the guesswork and speak with me (your PPM) today. Start leveling the field to your benefit. Improve your security posture and improve your quality of life with professional services which include Private Security Consulting/ Mentoring Services, High and Low Profile Security Services & Investigations delivered by a wise and trusted guide and advisor.




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